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AstroReality Advertising & Strategies


  1. Solar System Ultimate Campaign:

    • One of my most viral content creations. Three million views organically in the first day,125% Revenue increase for the month.​

  2. Space Shipped to You Campaign:

    • Targeted users of Monument Valley games and space enthusiasts, creating a collection of works that embodied the style of M.C. Escher. ​​

  3. The Elegance of Space Campaign:

    • AstroReality's product lineup was expensive before I was involved. It heavily focused on appealing to a science-focused audience. I did research and learned that most users in Asia were buying our products as gifts. So we made a shift creating elegant scenes for each planet in beautiful and sophisticated locations. We saw a permanent annual increase of 80% in sales after we switched to my brand strategy. 

Oculus Advertising & Strategies


  1. The Robots Campaign:

    • VR users tend to be techies, so I created images and posts designed to cater to and foster our audience.

  2. Influencer Lets Play Campaign:

    • Each week we had Influencers come in and play some of the latest games to become available on the Rift. 

  3. Instagram Scavenger Hunt Campaigns:

    • Through Instagram, we created a massive amount of content that highlighted sections of the game and hid clues and secret messages in each slide. We had a considerable increase in social media interaction, and our view count and subscriber count doubled. 

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