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I've been driven by the belief that when Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic," it calls for action and innovation. Being born and raised in Silicon Valley, my desire to "Think Different" (Steve Jobs) has remained a strong creed to live and create by. My journey into the world of creativity began with a degree in advertising strategy from the Academy of Art In San Francisco.  with a goal to make an impact on the industry, to change the way we connect with audiences, and most importantly, make each experience memorable.

But my education and work experience has taught me something more profound: true creativity flourishes within limitations. Much like everything we need to learn about life happens in the sandbox, understanding the parameters within which we can create empowers us to innovate and stretch our imaginations. 

outside of my digital existence, I've spent half my life on the slopes of Tahoe,  and the other half playing volleyball and tennis. An avid gamer, I also love building large synths and computers (Hackintosh!) for fun. These hobbies have shaped my approach to AR/VR design, motion graphics, and business strategy, teaching me to master the sandbox of technology.

By knowing the limits, I've been able to push them, crafting experiences that feel like magic and redefining what's possible in advertising, education, and personal expression. I want to challenge norms and invert the way people perceive advertising. I aspire to make VR/AR a normalized medium and usher in the new era of spacial computing, design education systems that adapt to people, and create art that empowers individuals to discover themselves.

Guided by faith, family, and a passion for breaking boundaries, I invite you to join me on this journey. Let's explore the sandbox of innovation together, setting new limitations and creating a world where technology and creativity converge to form something truly extraordinary.


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