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I feel The primary role of a creative is to inspire action.  If the intended actions toward positive growth for customers, respective audiences, and coworkers occur; then I will have achieved and created success. Developing visuals that dance,  flicker, and delight our retinas is the final step of my process. Where I begin is an in-depth conversation about the value exchange of your business and the opportunity for growth that you and I both see.  From there I develop a strategic method of implementation that is designed to differentiate your product or service in the market place.  From there I begin sculpting and finessing the idea until we see the results that we both mutually seek. In addition to this process Id like to emphasize that  I am a passionate collaborator, as I feel that the greatest of all human achievement and creation is done together. 

Here are a collection of summaries of some  of my past collaborations. 



3D Work

I initially joined the AstroReality team, interested in the opportunity of merging augmented reality experiences with physical objects. Through our many conversations, I became inspired and learned of the opportunity to present information overlays on objects in our  world. Ultimately this experience gave me the opportunity to design products, a brand redesign, and AR experiences that was truly a innovational educational product.  


in 2016 Facebook acquired Oculus, and I was extremely excited about our future in Virtual Reality. I had presented many of my ideas about how to advertise in VR to the team at Ayzenburg and they shared my enthusiasm for this future and the opportunity for great content and  non intrusive advertising. While there I worked initially as a strategist for demonstrating these ideas and presenting them, to then switching over to being the lead designer for the launch of Oculus's Social Media channels as well as Next VR's. This informative experience brought me up to speed as how modern advertising and design agencies work, will also being able to participate directly with high level conversations about how we were to introduce and empower the world through this new technology channel. 

VR Ideas

I have developed a deep passion for 3D modeling over my career, and the possibilities and opportunities of real time rendering, as well as an insatiable need to create and sculpt sounds with giant synthesizer systems. the idea initially was to just have a home to house this content that I had been generating, but soon I realized the opportunity of being an artist and felt a deep passion for finding and seeking new ways to communicate ideas and designs  in ways that were visually interesting, as well as provide emotional depth and meaning to a symbol and abstraction of my own self. 

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