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Projects & Case Studies

My team and I were given the challenge to make a true to scale version of out current solar system product line, and create Interactive AR experiences.


Travel the Solar System 

 Light Speed Simulator 

Asteroid Miner game


Product Design (physical) AR experience design. Marketing images and Web design + Social Media director 


Product Design/Strategy :
By leveraging the powerful Vuforia API in conjunction with Unity, our team successfully imported extensive data sets and implemented interactive features for each planet and solar system. As the team leader and product designer, my primary focus was to employ Experience-Based Learning (EBL) principles. This approach allowed users of all ages to engage with the Astroreality experience in meaningful ways, resulting in enhanced learning and better retention rates. All of this work gave us a CES innovation award in 2019.
Although AstroReality's shift to China only operations in 2020, the app is unfortunately now only available in China, our website still showcases the project and my contributions to it.

Brand ReDesign/Marketing/Creative Strategy :

At AstroReality, I leveraged market research and customer feedback to drive product innovation, brand recognition and ultimately boost revenue across our product line up. Initially AstroReality was a small group of scientists focused on building the most accurate model of Earth and other planets, however I discovered that our customers were often gifting the planets to friends and family instead of using the technology themselves. Based on this insight, I led efforts to redesign the product to be more luxurious and improve the technology to make a more marketable product.

The results were impressive: under my leadership as the Associate Creative Director, AstroReality's revenue skyrocketed from $10,000 per month to an average of $1,000,000 per month. I achieved this growth with a great team of 5 in the US and 35 in China. Many of whom I still remain connected to and we all enjoy all of the inspirational achievements happening in the Space, Science, and Education industry.    


Created Interactive space educational tools and experiences for tactile AR experiences. Redesigned the brand with a more efficient creative content and app development pipeline resulting in an additional $1,000,000 per month in revenue.

  • Associate Creative Director 

    • Creative Strategy 

    • 3D Content Pipeline designer. 

    • UX/UI design.

    • Business Dev 

    • Marketing Strategy

    • Creative Team Management

    • Dev Team Management



  • Illustrator, Photoshop, Substance Painter.


  • UNITY 

Images I Created >

<Motion Graphics I Created

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