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College Academy of Art, San Francisco

I presented how advertising will look in the future, highlighting how vital AR & VR will be for data and communication. One week after my presentation, Oculus was acquired by Facebook.



Agency: Ayzenburg, SPACE Team, Oculus & Next VR 2017, Pasadena

I was fortunate to be the #3 hire for Ayzenburg's new technology agency, built around VR technology marketing, assigned to work on their new client Oculus & NextVR. During my time there, I participated in designing social media, future planning, and strategy for social media. Working with members of both executives from Oculus, Next VR, and Ayzenburg, I was allowed to work in a high-level environment and glean a realistic understanding of the industry. A fun note is that I was responsible for doing all of the game captures in VR, so most of the early gameplay is just me having a blast and enjoying the future. Click the button on the side to see some of the projects I worked on during this time.

Real Estate + Travel VR 


Recon 360 reality: 360 VR photography for Real Estate Sales, San Jose 2018

I moved back to the Bay Area and worked at a company that offered a new way of selling Real Estate with 360 photography. Here I worked on a  journey experience for customers who were planning to move to a new location but were unable to tour the property physically. 

Voyadi: Experience-based Learning and Travel, Pasadena, 2018

Voyadi was hoping to provide opportunities to merge Masterclass education with AirBnB. I began to research and development of VR sessions to create a live-streaming experience for students and travelers.



AstroReality allowed me to stretch my creativity and work directly and personally with developers and executives. While I did other work for AstroReality, such as Design, Brand Strategy, and Content Development, the work I'm most proud of is my contributions to their AR platform. I spent time helping design products and improve each of their applications in UX. Overall, I was responsible for talking with clients and developers to find the best solution for business goals, designing new ways to experience space, and making education a fun activity.  I was fortunate to have many experiences working with customers and users of all ages, to understand better what people liked ad disliked about AR. Ultimately, at AstroReality, my passion for developing and creating compelling experiences was in many ways achieved.

Watts & Oscillation Works


Post=Pandemic has turned innovation towards these technologies on hyperdrive. I began teaching myself Unreal Engine 5, Swift AR, Octane, taking advantage of the quarantine time. Each of these systems tools has enabled me to create works and worlds that can be interconnecting while respectively unique to the platform that they exist. 


TV, Movies, and Video Games all use product placement, so it's a logical progression to add this method of advertising to the list of VR tools.  Ideally, this concept can be pushed much further with VR. One example would be to take the Corona beer "Find your beach" ad a little further. While playing a VR game, a person could see a bottle of Corona beer laying on the ground, and it could be subtly out of context for that particular game, thus, attracting their attention. When they try picking up the bottle, the user would be instantly transported to a beautiful beach, reinforcing the association of Corona beer 

VR Product Placement "Portkey"

Utilizing 360 Audio, viewers can hear something that is not displayed before them. As they get closer to the object, or sound, it will get louder, like a homing beacon. This creates an opportunity to give the user a targeted ad with a reward, incentivizing them to seek-out other sounds in the future, creating more opportunity for ads to be served again. 

Audio Beacons

Easter Eggs have been a part of video games and media for many years, as a special reward for players who are seeking and testing out the entire game, such as looking under tables, reading books, and exploring the world, as much as possible.  Placing an advertisement in one of these locations would be an effective way of creating a unique experience for the player adding value and memory.

VR Easter Egg ads

Modern video games have a reward mechanism for incentivizing playing and completing certain tasks. These rewards are called "Achievements". Advertisers can utilize these in-game mechanisms to connect themselves with a successful game/experience, as well as, get data about how many people attempted to try and were able to complete the task.


Location and data connection could be created like Alice In Wonderland, following a character, or object, to a location in AR, like that of the famous game AR game Pokemon Go.  The character would give step by step directions to get to the location and when they arrived they could be given a discount or another form of advertising incentive. 

Follow the Rabbit

Point your phone at a location or large building and a relevant and entertaining advertisement will appear.

Example: When you take a picture on your phone of the Golden Gate Bridge a giant basketball would appear to float underneath the bridge and it would have the Golden State Warriors logo and text welcoming the Golden State Warriors to their new home in San Francisco.

Monument AR:

Location-Based AR Gorilla Ads  

Utilizing location data about the environment, an individual can be served images, notifications, and or interactive experiences

Location-Based AR Gorilla Ads 

Fashion shifts and creates culture. There have been a few AR T-shirt designs that have emerged,  but none, to my knowledge, have been successful with mainstream audiences. I worked on some designs that would allow individuals to customize their own, or group, content, thus creating limitless possibilities for creativity and interest. 

AR-T Shirts

Ideas for the future: Concept work

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