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Solar System Mini

SSM for short, Solar System Mini, was intended to be a lower-cost product vs the initial larger products. they sold well, and I noticed that people would stop using them after their first initial day of use, and so we wanted to incentivize people to "get them all" and so I along with the development team based in Bejing, China, We developed a system using cards to create AR experiences where users could learn about the solar system and understand better where and what each planet was relitive to the sun. 

While it was never completed due to 2020, Solar System Ultimate was one of my favorite projects that I have designed and worked on. It was going to use to scale models of each of the planets, and from there, it would have 3 main goals: 1. Scale and distance of our system. 2. the benefits and feasibility of Asteroid Mining,3. The Interactive Trivia quiz with Space Travel. These methods of Education 


EARTH DAY -Partnerships

For Earth Day, we were prepping to partner with One Tree Planted, where we would create a system for people to see the effects of their charity in real-time and with a predictive model and goal to achieve. This way, we could gamify the giving and create opportunities and incentives for people.

We asked, "How do you make learning more fun and engaging." My team and I did lots of research and hundreds of interviews and tests and focused on creating an "experienced-based learning curriculum. This created many new ways and methodologies for People to learn via interacting with physical objects with augmented reality overlays, such as tasks like gamification and trivia quizzes that stayed away from traditional quiz mechanisms and focused on letting learners experiment vs. be told facts. 


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